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More on Coping Skills

Thanks for the comment on my last blog, Morgan. Reminds me that it might be helpful to post more specifics about the relaxation strategies I use! Here's the one I used the most during labor; it's also what I do if I'm in bed and worries or stressed about something, or if I'm having a hard time going back to sleep. Though I can't go through the whole "loose and limp" thing in situations like flying or driving, I do try to pay attention to and loosen up muscles that are tight due to tension, like raised shoulders or a clenched jaw.

This is the handout I give to all the moms/families I work with. Feel free to download it in word here, for personal use only, or link to it as you wish!

Lie on your side with a cushion under your head and another under the bent knee of your top let so that you are completely comfortable. Close your eyes, and allow all your body weight to drop comfortably onto the floor. Breathe deeply, relaxing each part of your body in turn with each exhalation. Keeping your awareness focused on your breath, find your center as you relax more and more deeply. Remain this way for 5-20 minutes. Before you come up, focus your awareness on your baby inside you, and spend a few minutes in peaceful relaxation together.

When you are finished, take your time to open your eyes, letting the light come in slowly instead of hurrying to look outwards. Keep the sense of inner peace and relaxation as you stretch out slowly and come up in your own time.


Read quietly, slowly, and in a calm voice. Practice reading the script a few times to yourself. Eventually you won’t need it at all. Feel free to make it your own. Mom, let your reader know what works best for you! Practice at least 3 time/week.
Breathe with a steady, even rhythm. Not in the middle of your belly, but way down low. Listen to the quiet ease of your abdominal breathing. Use each outbreath to relax a little more deeply. Let the breath fill your entire body, surrounding and relaxing each muscle; wherever you feel tension, use the outbreath to send it away.

Concentrate on relaxing your belly extremely. Think of it just floating outward and away from you as you breathe in. Drop your head into the pillow. Don’t hold your head up with your neck muscles. Just let it drop into the pillow.

Smooth your eyelids, and concentrate on all those facial muscles being loose and slack. smooth your brow. Let your eyes rest. Let all the tension go from your face. Loosen your jaw and let it float open. Have a relaxed, open throat.

Drop your shoulders. Have no tension in them at all. Relax your back and let your belly relax completely, floating out and away from you. You can always relax your belly a little more. Each time you exhale, you let go a little more. Let your whole body sag and relax.

Locate any tension that is left in your shoulders and your arms and let go of it so it eases out through your hands. Let your hands be limp and let your fingers be loose and limp. Everything just sinks down into the pillows and mattress.

Let go of any strain or tension in your chest. Drop your whole body into that bed. Let go. Release everywhere. Relax your belly extremely. Concentrate on letting go and letting it float out and away from you. Keep your breathing very calm and quiet and steady and way down low in the bottom of your belly. Use each outbreath to relax a little more deeply. Let the breath fill your entire body, surrounding and relaxing each muscle; wherever you feel tension, use the outbreath to send it away.

Really let go. Don’t just hold yourself still. Keep loose and limp. Let your bottom relax completely.

Let your hips be slack and sink down into the bed. Let go of any tension in your thighs. Let it all go out through your legs and feet. Your legs are loose and easy now. Your feet are loose and limp.

That’s it. Go loose and limp. Breathe with a nice, quiet, steady rhythm. Listen to the sound of it, way down low in the bottom of your belly. You can always relax a little more and a bit more. Breathe and float.

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