Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart

Every once in a while I begin reading a book and think to myself, "Self: You are going to be really sad when this is done. Pace yourself. As much as you want to read & read & read it, savor it instead."

I knew after the first few pages of Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart: A Midwife's Saga that I would love it. And I did: the birth stories, of course, and also the inspiration of Carol Leonard's life... how hard she worked to make a difference, and how much she learned and loved along the way.

There are so many people to whom I would recommend this book, starting with my sister, since she is trying to figure out how to pursue her own dreams of entering midwifery. Also: Anyone who is interested in birth stories. Anyone who enjoys memoirs. Anyone interested in excellent writing that is hilarious, poignant, fascinating, thought-provoking. Anyone who is curious about the difference one person can make. Anyone who works with mothers and babies during the birth year. It's a fast, delicious read that really tests the reader's ability to slow down & savor it.

I will definitely be adding Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart to my childbirth education library the next time I made updates, and buying it for my sister. It's available to borrow through the Maine inter-library loan system (now that I've finally returned it ;-). To buy it, go online to Bad Beaver Publishing. Amazon.com also has it, and that's where I will probably be on the lookout for used copies.

Here's an excerpt from a review by Pamela Victor,
"Lady’s Hands, Lion’s Heart has it all. It’s part memoir, part American history, part textbook, part spiritual journey, part love story. Carol Leonard relays her life story as a midwife, a mother, a wife and a health care activist from 1975 (the year her son was born) to 1987 (the year of her deepest, darkest time.) The yarn that winds seamlessly thorough this book is the moment of birth. As a midwife who has delivered hundreds of babies, Carol Leonard tells the best birth stories! By their very nature, birth stories are the ultimate adventure tales, full of fraught emotion and drama that would make any Hollywood producer envious. Danger, romance, mystery, comedy and sometimes, sadly, tragedy – Leonard’s stories will keep you turning the pages with anticipation."
There's also a review from Citizens of Midwifery on the Bad Beaver Publishing website and all nine reviews on amazon.com were five stars. Also, don't miss the sample story on the order page - just click on any of the links to the book to read it!

Lady's Hands, Lion's Heart: A Midwife's Saga
by Carol Leonard
published by Bad Beaver Publishing in 2008.

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