Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Few Links for the Week & A Survey

Updated Birth Plan Template at Navelgazing Midwife has some excellent suggestions about birth plans.

11 Common Skin Changes during Pregnancy, from the Dr. Sears' e-newsletter. Includes information on "pregnancy glow", pregnancy mask, acne, linea nigra, dark areas becoming darker, red palms and soles, spider veins, skin tags, heat rash, itching and PUPP.

From the blog Real Women, Real Options, Real Birth:
"Traditionally women have learned about birth through stories passed on from their mothers or other female relatives. Sounds great but there are women for whom their mothers are uncomfortable telling their birth story or their mother is a Twilight Sleep mom or had some other birth experience that rendered her unable to recall many details of her birth experience. Today, we have more and more women exploring all of their birth care options and birth stories range from birthing a baby under the moonlight because “I wasn’t sure I wanted to be at the hospital and fight the docs who didn’t agree with natural childbirth” to “the doc and I high-fived each other because this was his first time catching a baby with mom on her hands and knees” to “my midwife guided my hands into the water to catch my daughter.”"
So, who’s your birth link? Take the poll and see the results!

After the Birth, What a Family Needs, a blog post by Gloria Lemay, has some great ideas of how to get useful support during the "babymoon", those first weeks postpartum.

A heartwarming success story about a mom breastfeeding triplets on the Motherwear blog.

I'll be back on schedule next week, with a look at calcium!

Christina @ Birthing Your Baby
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