Saturday, September 13, 2008

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I'm going to try something new! In addition to various entries about pregnancy/birth/postpartum issues, I've chosen two topics to return to on a weekly basis:
Since so many of my searches are nutrition-related, on Wednesdays I'll highlight nutrition during pregnancy & postpartum, including at least a recipe or two.

On Fridays, I'll highlight and/or review a book, movie, website, online video.

I'm also going continue doing a general "Resource Round-up" post every week or two.

Any other suggestions?

Oh - and since you are reading... want to leave a comment? Are you pregnant? Just had a baby? Fellow educator? Interested in the politics of birth? A care provider? My sister? (haha! you know who you are!) I was a total lurker until just recently; it turns out leaving comments is easy and fun!

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