Saturday, August 2, 2008

Online Breastfeeding Resources

There are tons of online resources to support breastfeeding mothers. Here is a list to get you started. It is not, of course, complete - what list could be!?? Feel free to comment with your suggestions...

Breastfeeding Answers from La Leche League International's Answer Center - pretty mainstream
How to Bring Baby to Breast - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
Correct Latch - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
Breastfeeding Holds - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
Breastfeeding Help from Dr. Jack Newman
KellyMom: Breastfeeding - an amazing resource
Breastfeeding on the Ask Dr. Sears website - you can skip thru the newsletters
Breastfeeding Articles from Mothering
Breastfeeding Lying Down

American Academy of Pediatrics: Breastfeeding and the Use of Human Milk
Breastfeeding - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
Breastfeeding Know-How, from US Dept of Health & Human Services
American College of OB/GYN Breastfeeding Your Baby pamphlet
Dr. Hale's Breastfeeding and Medications Forum - Dr. Hale is the expert on breastfeeding and medication
Selected List of Medications approved by the AAP for breastfeeding mothers - on the Kellymom website
Herbals and Breastfeeding - from the US Pharmacist
Anatomy of a Nursing Breast
Choices that Affect Breastfeeding - analysis of choices made during childbirth/post-partum that potentially affect breastfeeding
Is This Safe While Breastfeeding - from
Nursing During Pregnancy and Tandem Nursing - from
Bra-Sizer Application - especially useful for online shopping...

VIDEOS & CLIPS Informational Clips - a wide variety of topics
Dr. Jack Newman's video clips
Great Latch-on video from Ameda

Find a La Leche League Leader or Group near you
La Leche League Mother-to-Mother Forums Forums
Motherwear Blog
Breastfeeding Help Line - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
KellyMom Forums
Breastfeeding Forums at MotheringDotCommune - scroll down to find them

Benefits of breastfeeding from La Leche League International
101 Reasons to Breastfeed Your Child
Benefits of Breastfeeding - from US Dept of Health & Human Services
Breastfeeding is Priceless
10 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Rocks - from girl-mom

Motherwear - don't forget to check out their sale pages - I got a nursing bathing suit there for ~$15!!
Bravado Bras - I liked their sports bras - where I got my washable nursing pads
Nursing Nightgown Pattern from Elizabeth Lee Designs

I almost forgot! EDITED TO ADD MY FAVORITE NURSING BRA (for daytime)- from Walmart, of all places (I almost never go, but someone told me they have the best nursing bra... I have in turn recommended it to many, who have thanked me because they love it too!): the Bestform Sports Nursing Bra, for all of $11!! It's cotton, comfortable, has no underwire, wide straps, easy to hook/unhook etc...

Christina @ Birthing Your Baby
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