Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pregnancy Awareness Month Week Three: Nutrition & Green Living

Here is the link to the Pregnancy Awareness Month Week Three Newsletter, which focuses on nutrition and "going green" during pregnancy.

I've already written a few posts about nutrition, because of its centrality to a healthy pregnancy for mom and baby, so I'm going to include a few resources on "green living" during pregnancy and into parenting.

It so happens that removing as many chemical cleaners from my household was one of my New Years goals this year, and it has been going very well. I have been making or purchasing natural/organic household cleaners ever since, and my house has been just as clean and a lot safer! Financially, making the cleaners is much cheaper, and that offsets the pricier cleaners that I'm buying. Plus, we just got a Target in my area, and I've purchased a few soaps in the Method line. One of the most helpful websites I've found has been the Healthy Child, Healthy World website and their homemade recipes for cleaners.

I've expanded my goal to include replacing cleaners for the people in the family too, starting with the children (who were half-way there already with California Baby and Rainbow products). Below are a few resources I've found re: kids products & chemicals:

Awards for top baby skincare products
BPA and Children's Feeding Products
Basics on cloth diapering here and here and on G Diapers.
Homemade substitutes for commercial shampoo

I've really been looking at these changes as a process... which has made it a lot easier. Making a change here, and then here, and then over there has been much more "do-able" than throwing everything out & trying to figure out replacements for everything at once.

Does anyone else have any favorite homemade/natural/organic/gentle/biodegradable etc. products?

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